Duane and Abby In The Morning

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Duane and Abby have been on the air together as a morning team for the past 8 years. The excitement you hear on the air when they are spending time with one of Today’s Best Country artists is genuine. They love country music!

Duane and Abby’s life is a country song. Maybe not the perfect country song—since neither of their mamas got runned over by a danged ol’ train—but God definitely blessed the broken road that led them straight to each other. (Check that out–from David Allan Coe to Rascal Flatts in less than one sentence!)
Duane & Abby started working together before they were even dating. After two years, they were married. Years later, with a lot of patience and plenty of fighting, they still love being on-the-air together. Aside from their love of country music, they’re into movies, camping, and hiking. In the afternoons they spread out to opposite ends of the house and do their own thing. Abby likes to spend her free time reading and scrapbooking. Duane generally tinkers with gadgets and plots ways to convince Abby that he needs more shoes. Don’t even get her started on the shoes!
It is the passion for country music that is at the heart of their lives. They’re the first to arrive—unless Abby has some kind of hair crisis, of course—and the last to leave. They’re huggers, so get used to it. They’re firm believers that opposites do not attract—that commonality is what gets you through. Pick a country song, whether it’s about plowing fields or loving Sundays or drinking beer, and they see themselves in it; woven, like every fan of country music, into the fabric of this music we all love so much.