BHQs 4/15-4/19

Monday’s BHQ: 4/10 people surveyed said they think folks who eat this for breakfast are smarter than average? Answer: Greek Yogurt! Congrats to Tay in Burlison!

Tuesday’s BHQ: 1/4 of employees don’t like this about their workplace? A: The decor! Congrats to Dinky in Bartlett!

Wednesday’s BHQ: Almost 9/10 who own one of these day they make an effort to support American businesses. A: Ford Mustang! Congrats to Shelby in Oakland–first time winner!!

Almost-Friday’s BHQ:┬áIn 6/10 relationships, it’s up to the lady of the house to take care of what? A: Loading the dishwasher. Congrats to Amber in Arlington!

Friday’s BHQ: 6/10 single folks say this is not a deal breaker in a potential partner? A: Marijuana use! Congrats to Jen in Nesbit!

Wake up with us Monday at 6:50 to play the BHQ and score Crawfish Cash for Rajun Cajun on 4/28!