No, Sam Hunt Is Not Married Yet. Yes, He Will Be Married Soon. New Speculation: Does Sam Believe He’s Sitting in an Invisible Snow Canoe?

Sam Hunt created a winter vortex of speculation over the weekend by posting a picture of himself playing in the snow with . . . gasp . . . a wedding ring on his left hand. But no one has been talking about what was in Sam’s right hand: a canoe paddle. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, back to the ring.

It turns out, Sam hasn’t tied the knot with fiancée Hannah Lee Fowler yet.

Sam told CMT’s Cody Alan that he already feels like a married man and likes wearing the ring, even though the actual wedding is still several weeks away.

Now, let’s find something else to speculate about. How about, does Sam believe he is sitting in an invisible snow canoe? Discuss.