BHQs 9/30 – 10/4

Monday: Use of this increases by 30% from Nov to Feb, as the weather gets cooler? A: Online/App Dating! Congrats to LeAnn in Memphis!

Tuesday: Only half of us know this about our partner? A: Credit score! Congrats to Melissa in Memphis!

Wednesday: 2/10 people say doing this has ruined their relationship with someone? A: Lending money! Congrats to Johnathan in Oakland!

Thursday: 9/10 of millennials claim they’ve considered this money saving option? A: Eloping instead of having a wedding! Congrats to Jeff in Rossville–1st time BHQ champ!

Friday: 4/10 people say this is their favorite way to get in the holiday spirit? A: Baking! Congrats to Jamie in Marion!

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