BHQs 10/7 – 10/11

Monday: According to a recent survey, most people said this was the top secret to happiness? A: Laughter! Congrats to Michelle in Crowder, MS!

Tuesday: Only 3% of parents surveyed say they have a kids who does this? A: Saves their allowance. Congrats to Jackie in Brighton!

Wednesday: 3/10 men say it’s cool to have one of these no matter your age? A: Teddy Bear! Congrats to Robert in Cordova!

Thursday: 1/4 of people say you’re automatically more attractive if you’ve got a nice one of these? A: nice car! Congrats to Gracin in Somerville!

Friday: People in this profession make love more than people who have any other job? A: Farmers! (33% of farmers say EVERY day!) Congrats to William Clark!

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