BHQs 10/14 – 10/18

Monday: 93% of men say they’re afraid of this? A: Balding! Congrats to Erin in Southaven!

Tuesday: 6/10 people say this would be impossible to give up? A: Wi-Fi! Congrats to Allie in Southaven, first time winner!

Wednesday: Half of the people surveyed cited this as their biggest complaint about their boss? A: their boss plays favorites. Congrats to Elizabeth in Bartlett!

Thursday: This is the most common argument parents have in the 1st year of a baby’s life? A: Who’s getting the most/least sleep! Congrats to Courtney in Southaven!

Friday: We can only take an average of 3.5 minutes of this before becoming annoyed? A: being on hold/hold music! Congrats to Jesse in Corinth!

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