BHQs 11/4 – 11/8

Monday: 2/10 people say they have one of these that is at least 9 years old? A: Mattress! Congrats to first time BHQ champ, Angela in Covington!

Tuesday: 4/10 of these happen between Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day? A: Engagements! Congrats to Melannie in Memphis!

Wednesday: Half of us admit we do this every morning? A: Hit the snooze! Congrats to Kenny in Selmer!

Thursday: 7 out of 10 of us feel like we’re judged by this at work? A: Hair color! Congrats to Miranda–first time winner–in Sarah, MS!

Friday: Almost 6 out of 10 offices allow this today? A: Casual wear! Congrats to Tabby in OB!

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