BHQs 11/11 -11/15

Monday: Half of us plan to do this this holiday season? A: Buy yourself a gift! Congrats to Kenny Young!

Tuesday: 2 out of 10 people say this makes them more productive at work? A: Listening to music/radio. Congrats to Roxann with no E in Covington!

Wednesday: 45% of us expect this to happen at our Thanksgiving dinner? A: An argument over politics! Congrats to long time BHQ player and first time BHQ winner Camilo in Tunica!

Thursday: 12% of pets have this in common? A: They’re overweight. Congrats to Brenda in Arlington!

Friday: If you do this, there’s a 24% chance you’ll regret it? A: Lending money! Congrats to first time winner Susie in Ripley!

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