BHQs 12/2 – 12/6

Monday: 2/10 people say it’s ok to borrow this from a friend? Answer: toothbrush! Congrats to Shelly in Collierville!

Tuesday: The average person does 5 good deeds a month. This is the most common good deed? A: helping someone with directions. Congrats to Patty in OB–first time BHQ champ!

Wednesday: If you’re average, you’ll spend $30,000 on this over the course of your lifetime? A: Junk food/snacks. Congrats to Garrett in Memphis–first time winner on KIX106!

Thursday: 1/10 people say a coworker has made them feel uncomfortable by doing this? A: By giving them a gift! Congrats to Casey in Walls!

Friday: 3/10 people have put this off until January? A: breaking up with someone! Congrats to Lynn in Memphis!

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