BHQs 2/10 – 2/14

Monday: Almost half of women surveyed say they have to do this chore most of the time because their partner never does? A: Mopping! Congrats to Ashley in Byhalia!

Tuesday:  In a recent sleep survey, people said ‘falling’ was the most common nightmare, what’s the second most common? A: Being chased! Congrats to Lillie in Memphis!

Wednesday: 55% of people surveyed say this low cost option would be a perfect Valentine’s gift? A: Handwritten love letter! Congrats to adorable Mallory in Hernando!

Thursday: In a recent survey, people said this was the worst decorating fad of the 90s? A: Sponge painting! Congrats to LeAnn in Olive Branch!

Friday: Half of women surveyed say they would end a relationship over this? A: Not getting her something for Valentine’s Day. Congrats to Joe in Atoka!

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