BHQs 5/18 – 5/22

Monday: Half of us have done this in a dream? A: Cheated on our spouses! Congrats to Savannah in Southaven!

Tuesday: 11% of people who have one of these got it as a gift? A: Grill! Congrats to Savannah in Bolivar, AKA Savannah II.

Wednesday: 6/10 people say this is the thing they are most afraid to see at the beach? A: A beer belly in a tiny swimsuit! Congrats to Ryan in Arlington!

Thursday: 4/10 people say they clean this everyday?  A: Their toilet! Congrats to Tim in Stanton on his first official BHQ win!

Friday: 1/4 of us say this is our biggest cook out pet peeve? A: A dirty grill! Congrats to Danny in Memphis!

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