Are you new to camping?

We didn’t always have an RV…we started out in a second hand tent!


You’re hearing us talk about out TN State Parks tour and seeing all the fun stuff we’re doing in our Facebook stories, and wondering…maybe we should give it a try?!

Your vacay plans got ruined, you’re not about to try taking the kids on an airplane right now, and who knows about that hotel room 🤢 There’s no better time to visit our TN State Parks than 2020! Your safe, socially distant, natural getaway is never more than an hour away from anywhere in Tennessee!

We talked with Deputy Commissioner of Parks & Conservation, Jim Bryson, about how new campers can get started enjoying our TN State Parks!

It’s FREE to visit our TN State Parks for the day, so just hop in the car and head to Shelby Forrest for a hike, and think about whether or not this is something you’d like to do a lot more. If you decide you do wanna stay overnight, we’ve met a lot of folks on the road who are renting their camping equipment at and of course, many TN State Parks offer cabin rentals!

If it’s time to invest in your first RV or upgrade your current rig, we recommend Davis Motorhomes on Brooks Rd. We’ve bought three RVs from them over the years, and have always had the best buying experience, especially after the sale! There’s a lot to learn when you get an RV, and Gary will teach you everything you need to know. Call Davis today at (833) 533-0108 and talk with Bill, Janet, or any one of their RV experts. Our pal Brian Davis will get you fixed up with financing, and you’ll be camping in no time!

When we started camping, we had a second hand tent, no air mattress or cooler…we just threw some blankets and s’mores supplies in the Jeep and said let’s do this! It’s one of the best decisions we ever made, for our relationship, and for our family…although we immediately woke up and went to the store to get an air mattress, cause even 15 years ago, we were too old to be sleeping on the ground!

You can ask our kids…the vast majority of their most treasured family memories happened while camping. And thank God, it’s something we can still do, even during a pandemic. What are you waiting for? Visit today and use promo code KIX106 to save 25% off your next campsite reservation through 12/31/20!

Our two youngest, Bailey and Austin, on their first camping trip with us in 2005!
Our current tent is Coleman 6 person…perfect guest house for when the kids come to camp!