BHQs 01/11 – 01/15

F: Half of ppl survyed say this is the top thing they’re doing for “self care”? A: At home spa day! 🎉 Ty in Collierville!

Th: Just 7% of ppl surveyed say this is the best thing about watching the superbowl? A: Party food! Congrats to Suzanne in Selemer!

W: 4/10 women have found new ones of these in quarantine? A: Gray hairs! Congrats to Carrie in Collierville!

Tu: Ppl who love spicy food are 6 times more likely to have done this adventurous activity? A: Bungee jumping!?! Congrats to Danielle in Horn Lake.

M: 15% of guys have had this job? A: Mowing lawns! Congrats to Shannon in Bartlett!

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