BHQs 2/8 – 2/12

M: Etsy searches for THIS jumped 91% after Bridgerton debuted on Netflix? A: Corsets! Congrats to Ashley in Southaven!

Tu:  Half of people surveyed would want to share a pizza with the cast of what TV show? A: Friends! Congrats to Cody in OB!

W: Just 5% of people surveyed say it’s appropriate to do this on Valentine’s Day? A: Break up with someone! Congrats to Vickie in Atoka!

Th: Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for what (33% increase!)? A: Texting!?! Congrats to Warren in Bartlett!

F: In a recent survey, our phones & cars were voted most important products in our lives…what’s number 3? A: Fridge! Congrats to Chuck in Hernando!

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