Super Trivia 2/22 – 2/24

Monday: This stand up comedian is a super fan of Superman, including Man of Steel Easter eggs in every episode of his self titled show? A: Jerry Seinfeld! 🎉 Jim in Selmer!

Tuesday: In 1957, Superman made an appearance at a child’s birthday party on what classic TV show? A: I Love Lucy! 🎉Todd in Cordova!

Wednesday: This 1996 rom com starring George Clooney and Michele Phifer featured a news room cat named Lois Lane? A: One Fine Day! 🎉Brooke, Collierville


Monday: During the Regan era, superman got his own brand of this sandwich staple? A: Peanut butter! Congrats to Briana in Southaven!

Tuesday: There have been nine different superman rides at this network of amusement parks? Six Flags! Congrats to Courtney in Senatobia!

Wednesday: What actor voiced Superman in The Lego Movie? Channing Tatum! Congrats to Bobby in Midtown!


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