BHQs 7/26 – 7/30

M: 6/10 would refuse to give this up if their partner asked them to? A: Meat! 🐮 Congrats to Angela in Burlison!

Tu: 2% of Americans have never washed these? A: Pillow cases! 🤢 Congrats to Carrie in Walls!

W: 3/10 adults say they haven’t done this in over a year? A: Hugged someone! 🤗 Congrats to Robbie in Hernando!

Th: 6/10 ppl say this is their favorite summer flavor? A: Lemonade! 🍋 Congrats to Angela in Wynn!

F: 7/10 people on the go have this on them right now? A: Snacks! 🍪 Congrats to Randa in Arlington!

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