BHQs 8/9 – 8/13

M: Half of kids surveyed say they use this at least 5 times per day? A: Google!

Tu: 6/10 people say they never wear this in the summer? A: Sunscreen 😱 Congrats to Richard in OB!

W: 8/10 ppl say their dog is a great _____? A: Listener! Congrats to Johnny in Munford!

Th: 9/10 ppl surveyed would love to have just one day at work without what? A: Meetings! Congrats to Jennifer and Dalton in Oakland!

F: 4/10 people wouldn’t be comfortable doing this today (Friday the 13th)? A: Getting married! 💍 Congrats to 1st time champ, Jessica in Brighton!


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