BHQ 8/23 – 8/27


M: 13% of men surveyed would rather have more of these than more hair? A: Friends! 👬 Congrats to Ashley in Ripley!

Tu: Oregon consumes more of these than any other state? A: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 🎃 Congrats to Mark in Memphis!

W: 4/10 ppl who do this for a living, get divorced? A: Bartender 🍸 Congrats to Terri in OB!

Th: 9/10 people have shared this with their pet? A: Secrets! 🤫 Congrats to Tina in Millington!

F: 4/10 kids say a “cool mom” doesn’t do this in public? A: Dance! 💃 Congrats to Mindy in Millington!

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