BHQs 9/27-10/1

F: 1/10 ppl say this is a good first date activity? A: Bowling! 🎉 Greg in Hernando

Th: 4/10 teens would struggle to do this chore? A: Iron clothes! 🎉 Liz in Oakland!

W: 35% of millennials have spent more on this than they have invested in their retirement? A: Coffee! 🎉 Jennifer in Wilson, AR!

Tu: 1/4 of ppl think they can cook a steak better than this celebrity chef? A: Rachel Ray! 🎉 Cheryl in Cordova!

M: 1/4 of ppl say they crave this desert in the fall? A: Pecan pie! 🎉 Addie in Millington!