BHQs 10/4 – 10/8

F: 2/10 ppl think this is the worst chocolate candy? A: Junior Mints! 🎉 Brenda in Cordova!

Th: 4/10 ppl say they’re more productive when there’s one of these in their work space? A: Plant! 🎉 Chad in Arlington!

W: 3/10 people are planning this for Halloween? A: DIY costume! 🎉 Brandy in E Mem!

Tu: 2/10 people say this is the worst thing you can give out on Halloween that isn’t candy? A: Raisins! 🎉 Bridget in Oakland!

M: Just under 1/4 of us are currently hiding this from our partner? A: Secret credit card! 🎉 Cheryl in Horn Lake!

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