BHQs 10/11-10/15

F: 14% have done this embarrassing thing at work? A: Split yo pants! 🎉 Angeline in Walls!

Th: 8/10 ppl think they’d fail at this even though they’ve passed it before? A: WRITTEN driver’s test! 🎉 Vickie in Atoka!

W: 4/10 ppl say this is the most draining thing they do during the holiday season? A: Washing dishes! 🎉 Trena in Memphis!

Tu: 1/4 of ladies stop doing this in the winter? A: Shaving underarms! 🎉 Tina in Millington!

M: 6/10 employees wanna toss this out the window? A: Computer 🎉 Peggy from Proctor!