Raleigh Keegan’s Debut Album, Clocks Roll Forward, is Out Now

Raleigh Keegan’s Debut Album, Clocks Roll Forward, is Out Now

Raleigh Keegan‘s debut album, Clocks Roll Forward, is available now!

Raleigh has waited for a long time to release this collection of music, “I have worked on this record for 2 years!! ‘Clocks Roll Forward’ comes from a very personal place, yet somehow you will find yourself in the story….and THAT is why music is magical.”

The road to releasing his album has been a journey that has challenged Raleigh in many ways. But it was the trust and faith he had in himself and his music that kept him focused on his goal, “There’s no science to it. There’s no one set way. I’ve learned this…the internal voice in my heart that says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – that thing, if you can learn to follow that, and then just not quit, and get better, and better, and better…and that’s key, that sounds simple ‘just not quit’ but it’s not simple.”

“Just Not Quit” has been the theme of Raleigh’s life.

He was born inside the Columbus State Penitentiary – where his biological mother was serving time for drug use. To paraphrase a lyric from his song “Long Line Of Lovers” Raleigh’s first crawl out from under that hell of a rock was being adopted by a loving family in Cincinnati.

Always having a passion for music, he taught himself how to play piano and guitar. After college he decided to throw himself completely into making music for a living, by selling his house, and making the move to Nashville in 2018. As an independent artist he’s booked himself over 100 performing gigs a year, and accrued nearly 10 million video & audio streams of his songs.

When it comes to his debut album, Raleigh made sure he had a hand on the project in a big way – co-writing all of the 13-tracks.

Raleigh says, “I have learned over the past few years that Nashville can be really hard, it can be really tough…and I want to do something that I find to be worth it…what I find to be worth it is putting my hand all over the project because for me, it’s not worth leaving my family for 100, 200 dates a year to not really be behind the art that I’m putting out. So it was really important for me to be a writer on all of these.”

Clocks Roll Forward track list;

  1. “Way Back” (Raleigh Keegan, Kyle Sturrock)
  2. “Long Line of Lovers” (Raleigh Keegan, Lonnie Fowler, Joel Shewmake)
  3. “Trainwreck” (Raleigh Keegan, Leslie Satcher)
  4. “Jealous Of The Sun” (Raleigh Keegan, Thomas Archer, Tyler Reeve)
  5. “Easy On The Trigger” (Raleigh Keegan, Alex Dooley, Brian Carper)
  6. “Drink For That” (Raleigh Keegan, Eric Torres, Matt Rogers)
  7. “Another Good Day” (Raleigh Keegan, Alex Dooley, Brian Carper)
  8. “Handyman” (Raleigh Keegan, Marshall Altman)
  9. “Like My Daddy Was” (Raleigh Keegan, Autumn McEntire)
  10.  “Our First Goodbye” (Raleigh Keegan, Kyle Jacobs, Brice Long)
  11.  “I Love You” (Raleigh Keegan, Keith Follese, Adrienne Follese)
  12.  “Sure Like Lovin’ You” (Raleigh Keegan, Leslie Satcher, Phil Barton)
  13.  “Tell Me Somethin’ I Don’t Know” (Raleigh Keegan, Danielle Blakey, Steve Lester)

Produced by Ryan Gore

When it comes to the music he makes, Raleigh says, “I like a mix of old and new – I like to stay somewhere in the middle. Bringing elements of old and new country together with a bit of soul.” 

Raleigh shares, “I feel like people are going to know me from this, because there’s little quirks in my personality and things that I value that I think they’ll understand after they listen to this album.”

Clocks Roll Forward from Raleigh Keegan is available now.

Photo Credit: Sean McGee