BHQs 11/1-11/5

F: 6% of ppl plan to do this w/ their extra hour this wknd? A: Clean house! Congrats to Tracy in Covington!

Th: 6% of us admit to doing this with our pet? A: Bathe with them! 🎉 Jana in Moscow!

W: 8/10 ppl say this increases for them when DST ends? A: Late night snacking! 🎉 Tangie in Enid!

Tu: 7/10 of us will do this, this holiday season? A: Overspend! 🎉 Kristine in Ripley!

M: 2/10 people have done this after a break up? A: Got a new hairstyle! 🎉 Amanda in Bartlett!

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