BHQs 11/8 – 11/12

F: 4/10 people say this is the key to relationship compatibility? A: Shared interests/hobbies! 🎉 Amy in Arlington!

Th: In the last month, half of us have seen another driver do what? A: Litter! 🎉 Scot in Somerville!

W: 1/4 of us will do this to save money during the holiday season? A: Make homemade gifts! 🎉 Abigail in Somerville!

Tu: 4/10 business executives surveyed say they had this childhood pet? A: Rabbit! 🎉 Scott in OB!

M: 1/4 of Americans are willing to add what to their everyday diet? A: Insects! 🎉 Jennifer in Cordova!

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