BHQs 11/15-11/19

F: 1/3 of women have done this at a holiday office party? A: Embarrassed themselves in front of the boss! 🎉 Liz in Bartlett!

Th: Half of ppl say doing this on a 1st date is unacceptable? A: Smoke break! 🎉 Darlene in Oakland, MS!

W: Half of us say this is what we love about doing laundry? Clean sheets! 🎉 Aubrey in OB!

Tu: 8/10 feel guilty when they do this to their pet? A: Lie! 🎉 Daniel in OB!

M: As we approach the holidays, 3/4 of us think we’re the best at this? A: Gift giving! 🎉 Caden in Hernando!

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