Midland’s Message of Unity

Midland’s Message of Unity

In recognition of Blackout Tuesday on June 2, Nash Country Daily is pausing the commentary to bring you messages of unity directly from the country music community.

All photos will appear without color.

Midland via Instagram

“The black community does not receive equal rights or protection in this country. Systemic inequality cannot be ignored and racism cannot be tolerated. We must do better in actively contributing to make our society a safer and more inclusive place to raise our families. In the meantime, Midland will be abstaining from any promotion or dialogue that distracts from the current issue our country needs to face head on. In an effort to clear communication channels we cede our small corner of the internet to the community leaders and individuals more suited than us to help educate and create change. As allies, we will contribute NOW, as patriots, We demand justice for George Floyd and all the other individuals who have suffered under an unjust system. -Midland”

photo by Curtis Hilbun, AFF-USA.com