Luke Bryan’s My Dirt Road Diary – Streaming Now on IMDb

Luke Bryan’s My Dirt Road Diary – Streaming Now on IMDb

Now available on IMDb TV is My Dirt Road Diary – the 5-part docuseries about Luke Bryan‘s life and career. Fans will get to witness Luke’s rise to fame through original home videos, interviews, and incredibly personal footage.

While fans will discover new elements of Luke’s life and career, he says that while he loved watching how the docuseries came out, there wasn’t much he didn’t remember.

Luke shares that even dating back to high school play performances, he made sure to take it all in, and little did he know that the butterflies that would exist back then before taking the stage before his school would echo throughout the major events of his career.

Luke says “I’ve always been lucky to remember the path of it all. You know, I can remember certainly in some of those old high school plays, and stuff, I remember those moments. I took them in. I remember the pressure of all those moments…I mean, when you’re an 18-year old kid, and you gotta walk out and do a musical in front of your high school the anxiety of that is very similar to the anxiety of preforming on the CMAs for the first time, the anxiety of doing the Super Bowl. I real relish i those moments cause they remind me of the anxiety that prepared me for each new little step along the way.”

Luke Bryan’s new docuseries, My Dirt Road Diary, is available now exclusively on IMDb TV, Amazon’s premium free streaming service.

Photo Credit: Ryan Anderson